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Your own WebAlias from The WebAlias Network

A WebAlias is the best way to make your site easy to find and hard to forget.

Sure, you've worked hard to make your website the best it can be. But have you done everything you can to make its address the best it can be? The simple fact is: it just doesn't matter how great your website is if people can't find it or remember its address!

Maybe you have a website that's stuck with an address that is long, complicated and easily forgotten, like http://www.freeyellow.com/members7/~boring/start.html. Or maybe you even bought your own registered domain name, but none of your top choices were available. Either way, you simply don't have the freedom over your website's address that you have over its content. Well, we're about to change all of that!

A WebAlias actually gives you the power to create additional addresses you want for your website - without moving your site or even making a single change to it. Simply choose any word or phrase that fits your website as its WebAlias and people will never need to remember your actual internet address again in order to get there.

Do you operate a business website? If so, your business name or product can make a perfect WebAlias. Or is your site just for fun? Create a WebAlias that tells everyone exactly what your site is all about.

For example, let's say your website is devoted to horror movies. Instead of your website's lengthy and ugly internet address, make "horror movies" your site's WebAlias and choose from our long list of descriptive, popular domains. Like magic, your website can then be reached at addresses like these - without any changes to your website!


That's right, one WebAlias can give your website up to three cool new addresses.
(And don't worry about your site's original address - that will still work just as it always did.)

And you can even register any of your WebAlias addresses with your favorite search engines!

Now there is simply no reason you have to settle for a long and ugly address for your website ever again. And even if your website's address changes, you'll never leave your visitors behind. Simply update your WebAlias to point to your site's new address and no one will even know you've moved!

Best of all, your WebAlias takes just a few minutes to set up and is active and ready to use immediately. That's right - in a matter of minutes your website can have its own WebAlias - absolutely free!

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